Digital Signal Audio Reference

Examples of digital signals you may hear on shortwave and other frequencies - speaker icon links to a sample audio file

180kACARS : Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
100kALE : Automatic Link Establishment - MIL-STD-188-141A
204kANDVT : Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal (US govt./military)
166kARQ-M2 : ARQ-M2 (Moore Code)
119kARQ-E3 : ARQ-E3 200 baud idling
142kCLOVER : Amateur CLOVER
186kDCF77 : Time Station Signal
330kDECCA : HF Radio Navigation System
226kDGPS-MSK : Differential GPS, Minimum Shift Keying
269kDGPS-QPSK : Differential GPS, Quarternary Phase Shift Keying
29kGMDSS : GMDSS Marine SELCAL System (4125 KHz)
114kGWEN : Ground Wave Emergency Network (149KHz)
548kHAARP : High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program
173kHYPER-FIX : Hyperbolic Radio Navigation System
154kICAO-SELCAL : ICAO Aeronautical SELCAL
164kLINK11 : Link-11 Network (NATO mil)
169kLORAN-C : Long Range Radio Navigation System
173kMORSE : Morse Code
186kNDB : Non-Directional Beacon
144kOTHR : Over-The-Horizon Radar (probably US mil)
205kPACTOR : PACTOR 200 baud
296kPACKET : PACKET (AX.25) 300 Baud
34kRAC-ARQ : Rac-Arq/Merod
174kRTTY : Radio Teletype (Baudot 50 baud)
62kSELSCAN : SELSCAN Link Availability Sounder (US govt)
261kSITOR-A : Telex-Over-Radio
156kSITOR-A MKR : Telex-Over-Radio Idle Marker
369kSITOR-B : Telex-Over-Radio (broadcast)
107kSSTV : Amateur Slow-Scan TV (Martin-1)
282kSWED-ARQ : Swedish ARQ
228kVFT : Voice Frequency Telegraphy RTTY
132kVFT-USAF : Voice Frequency Telegraphy data MUX (USAF)
265kWEFAX : Weather Facsimile